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Namma Baby Dentist

Top dental clinic in Bangalore

Top dental clinic in Bangalore for kids and Teenagers. Call @9606903354

Namma Baby Dentist is the top dental clinic in Bangalore for kids and Teenagers. From basic diagnosis, common dental procedures, to complicated orthognathic surgery, we offer a comprehensive spectrum of dental care.
Dental procedures are performed here in accordance with national standards for infection prevention and hygiene. Dentists with skill and experience provide specialized treatments. Kids are provided treatment with options of local or general anaesthesia for a painless dental experience. Utmost care is taken to make the dental treatments as painless as possible. Behaviour guidance is the key feature of our pediatric dental practise.
                1-Top Dental Clinic in Bangalore
                2-Professional Dentist
                3-Best-in-class Kids Dental Clinic


  • Top Dental Clinic in Bangalore
    The Dental Professionals at Namma Baby Dentist offers comprehensive dental care services, from simple dental cleanings, fillings to cutting-edge orthodontics to cover all preventive and restorative dental practices. It is equipped with cutting-edge facilities and qualified dental professionals.
  • Professional dentist
    Dental professionals with extensive training and skill in a variety of dental specialties make up the Namma Baby Dentist team. Our Dental team and facilities are constantly updated with the most recent developments in dental technology. Our team has additional expertise in the specific physiological, psychological and emotional needs of children’s dentistry compared to general or family dentists.
  • Best-in-class kids Dental Clinic
    Namma Baby Dentist provides the best preventive routine and thus minimizes the chances of more serious and costly emergency or restorative treatments in future and helps your child become more comfortable and relaxed in a healthcare environment specially designed for them. In order to cover all preventive and restorative dental procedures, we provide complete dental care services, ranging from straightforward dental cleanings to cutting-edge orthodontics. It has state-of-the-art amenities and trained dental specialists.

The best dental office in Bangalore for children and teenagers is Namma Baby Dentist. We provide a full range of dental care, from minor fillings, scaling, root canal treatment to correction of jaw irregularities and malaligned teeth, setting them up for a lifetime of improved healthcare outcomes.

Top dental clinic in Bangalore

Top dental clinic in Bangalore


Which is the top dental clinic in Bangalore?
Namma Baby Dentist is the top dental clinic in Bangalore.

Where can I get professional dentists?
You can get the best experienced child friendly professional dentists at Namma Baby Dentist.
Why choose a pediatric dentist?
Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry. With 3 years of speciality training after BDS, they have additional expertise treating children’s dental needs compared to general or family dentists. They are primary and speciality oral care providers for infants, and children through adolescence, including those with special needs.
Is Root Canal Treatment safe for children?
Yes, Root canal treatment in children is known as pulpectomy which is advised when there is an infection in the roots of the teeth. It is completely safe and help in treating and preventing any kind of further infection which can cause trouble to your child. Root canal treated baby teeth are retained till their age of exfoliation and then falls off naturally thereby guides the permanent tooth to erupt in correct alignment.




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