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Corrective Dental Treatments

Corrective Dental Treatments

We do various types of dental treatments such as Fillings, Baby Root Canal, Crowns, Tooth Extractions & much more.

Fillings (White)

A white filling may be recommended after a cavity is discovered on your child’s tooth. We have state of the art materials that your paediatric dentist will select based on your child’s unique situation.

These fillings are esthetically pleasing and allow your child to eat right away, after the numbness wears off.

Baby Root Canal

A baby root canal, or “pulpotomy,” or “pulpectomy” may be recommended to save your child’s tooth. If a cavity is deep and near the nerve of the tooth, the bacteria has invaded the pulpal chamber or “nerve” of the tooth. Once the nerve is contaminated, the nerve must be cleaned out.

If the top of a nerve needs to be cleaned, this is called a pulpotomy.

If the complete nerve inside a tooth’s roots must be cleaned, this is a pulpectomy.

Often this is diagnosed by looking at a radiograph, but the dentist will make a definitive decision once they start cleaning out the cavity.


A crown may be recommended for your child’s tooth if there is very little tooth structure remaining after all of the decay is cleaned out. In order to prevent further breakage or fracture of the tooth, a crown will cover all surfaces to improve strength of what remains.

A crown may also be recommended if a baby root canal has been completed, or if a tooth is hypersensitive.

Stainless steel crowns or “silver caps” are the gold standard in pediatric dentistry. While we offer white zirconia crowns, these are only offered on a case-by-case basis.

Tooth Extractions

Extraction of your child’s tooth may be recommended for several reasons. Some of these reasons include: a deeply decayed tooth with little tooth structure remaining, severe crowding, orthodontic reasons, and if infection or pain is present.

We help make this procedure as comfortable as possible and provide many techniques to help ease you and your child’s anxieties including chairside distraction .

We also provide wisdom tooth removal for adolescents whenever there is an impacted tooth with decay causing pain.

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

Silver Diamine Fluoride is a liquid that helps to prevent cavities from growing larger. This medicine is made of silver, water, fluoride, and ammonia and has been used by dentists since the 1940s.

While SDF does stain a cavity black, this medicine can be a more comfortable alternative for your child than traditional dental methods such as fillings and crowns.

SDF is only used in certain situations and your paediatric dentist will inform you if SDF is right for your child.a

Habit Breaking Appliance

Prolonged habits past the recommended age like thumb sucking, nail-biting, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing can cause negative impact on the normal growth and development of jaw and face.

With the use of special appliances designed by a lab and customized to your child’s mouth, these habits can be withdrawn.

If your child has any habit you are concerned with, please discuss with dentist

Space Maintenance

If a baby tooth is lost early due to decay, crowding, trauma, or otherwise, a space maintainer may be recommended to hold the current teeth in place and prevent shifting of neighbouring teeth into the empty space.

This will hold the space for the incoming adult tooth and prevent further crowding.

Esthetic Dentistry

At Namma Baby Dentist (NBD), we understand the importance of a happy, bright, beautiful smile. We are skilled in esthetic and cosmetic dentistry during both routine and emergency situations.

Additionally, at NBD, we have the most trusted whitening techniques for both generalized yellow staining due to plaque build-up, and the newest techniques for clearing up specific areas or discolorations on your child’s teeth. Please inform us of any concerns you may have so we can properly direct you towards the smile of your dreams.

Myofunctional Orthopaedics

The muscles around the face and jaw has a great influence on the dentition and jaw development.

These appliances aim to utilize, eliminate or guide these forces arising from muscular function, tooth eruption and growth in order to alter the skeletal pattern and dental alignment.

Corrective Orthodontics

Crooked teeth, delayed teeth eruption, and over-spacing are just a few of the most common concerns we hear from our patients. We provide a thorough evaluation of growth, development, and occlusion or “bite” at every check-up.

Not every child needs orthodontics, but if indicated, we may recommend that your child see an orthodontist, or a specialist in alignment and crowding of the teeth to aid in transforming your child’s beautiful smile.

Adolescents with mal-aligned teeth and jaw discrepancy are treated with the appropriate orthodontic braces and appliances.

Various options available are metal, ceramic, lingual, self-ligating and Invisible braces etc.

Our expert orthodontist will be able to guide you to choose the best based on your oral condition.