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Additional Services

Additional Services

We aim at catering to all the dental needs of Kids and Teens with a focus on better health by looking beyond just teeth.

Our specialist Doctors, Consultants and staff are trained in child psychology and are experts in behaviour guidance.

Laser Frenectomies

Lip ties and tongue ties are an up-and-coming field in the art of paediatric dentistry. At your child’s routine check-up, we will perform a thorough examination and obtain a detailed history of your child to determine if a frenectomy is necessary.

A frenectomy or release of tissue may be recommended in a new born with difficulty latching or breastfeeding, a child with speech difficulties, or for orthodontic reasons.

We do not perform frenectomies without an appropriate consultation from an outside pediatrician, speech therapist, lactation specialist, or other trained practitioner. At our practice, we perform frenectomies with a CO2 laser. Please ask your pediatric dentist if you have any concerns about your child’s lip or tongue tie.

Emergency & Trauma

In the event of an emergency, we know your mind may be racing. The most important thing to remember is to remain calm. If a baby tooth falls out, it should not be placed back into the gums as this can cause problems for the adult tooth underneath.

If an adult tooth falls out, please call the clinic immediately. If an adult tooth is out of the mouth due to trauma, it is best that you see your pediatric dentist immediately to ensure the best prognosis for your child’s tooth.

In the event of an emergency, remember: if the tooth is broken or fell out, place the broken pieces/tooth in milk.

If possible, do not touch the root of the tooth, only hold the crown. If your child has a high fever, excessive bleeding, large swelling of the face, eye, or otherwise, please consider this an emergency and visit your nearest hospital casualty. If you have any questions, remember, we are always here to help.

Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign are invisible braces that can help straighten your teeth. Free of bands, brackets and wires, the aligners can be taken out for eating, drinking, flossing and brushing making them easy to use and remove and offering dramatic results.

They are very comfortable to wear and is a great alternative to traditional braces.