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orthodontic therapy

Correction of dental and jaw related alignment problems- Orthodontic Therapy at Namma Baby Dentist

Best orthodontic therapy in Bangalore For Correction of dental and jaw related alignment problems. Contact the best clinic of orthodontic therapy at Namma Baby Dentist.

The emergence of a variety of surgical and non-surgical adjuncts, the revival of interest in self-ligation, the widespread adoption of aligner therapy, and its continuous growth are just a few of the more notable advancements in orthodontics over the past few decades.

  • Teeth that are crowded and uneven can be corrected by orthodontic therapy
  • Space Maintainers to prevent crowding and dental alignment problems
  • Lip and Cheek Bumpers/ Habit correction appliances
  • Invisalign

Teeth that are crowded and uneven can be corrected by orthodontic therapy

An orthodontist’s primary responsibility is to identify and treat oral abnormalities and dental malocclusions. In order to correct the alignment issues, the orthodontist identifies the root cause of the disorder and subsequently creates the appliances that realign your teeth and jaws. The common abnormalities include crowded teeth and teeth that are out of alignment. Both ceramic and metal braces can be used to correct crowding and malaligned teeth. Over time, these braces impose pressure on the teeth. As a result, the teeth line up in the predetermined location, and the bone structure is permanently altered.

Space Maintainers to prevent crowding and dental alignment problems

The baby teeth play a crucial role in guiding the underlying permanent teeth into the correct position in the jaw thereby helping in bringing out good alignment of permanent teeth. When these baby teeth are lost earlier than its normal period of shedding due to decay or fall etc, the empty space created is lost or reduced by the tilting of tooth next to it. To avoid this and to prevent space loss, at Namma Baby Dentist they provide an appliance called space maintainer, which prevents the tooth next to empty space from tilting.Without space maintainers, your child’s adult teeth won’t erupt properly, necessitating additional orthodontic work down the road.


Lip and Cheek Bumper / Habit correction appliances

If you believed that an orthodontist at Namma Baby Dentist is limited to using braces to realign teeth and adjust jaw alignment, you are mistaken. In some cases, the patient may be having habits such as lip biting, tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, jaw clenching etc by which the muscles of lips and cheek must be putting pressure on jaws and teeth. This can cause serious alterations in the structure of jaw. In order to prevent the lips and cheeks from coming into touch with the teeth, the orthodontist supplies lip and cheek bumpers and other habit breaking appliances. Minor habit correction exercises are advised along with that.



Invisalign are invisible braces that can help straighten your teeth. It is the treatment of choice for adolescents and adults who are beauty conscious and do not want to expose that they are having braces. Free of bands , brackets and wires, the aligners can be taken out for eating, drinking, flossing and brushing making them easy to use and remove  also offering dramatic results.They are very comfortable to wear and is a great alternative to traditional braces.

orthodontic therapy

orthodontic therapy


The best orthodontic treatment is to identify and treat the root cause of any malalignment of teeth before it occurs. For example, the habit breaking appliances, space maintainers etc will help in the right growth and development of jaw and teeth into its correct alignment. So the earlier we start, the best results are expected. Once the alignment issues are already there, then Invisalign, Braces, Fast braces and Myofuctional appliances are some of the popular treatments provided by Namma baby dentist.


The right age to have an initial orthodontic appointment is between 7 to 9 years. In case you notice that child has persistent oral habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting etc  then even before that. Since the jaws are in the period of peak growth, appliances designed for growth modulation can help in achieving better results.


Namma baby dentist is the best orthodontic clinic in Bangalore. By providing a combined practise of pediatric dentistry with Orthodontic specialists, a comprehensive dental care is provided there by correcting not only the teeth but also the jaw as a unit.


Yes, orthodontic treatment  is necessary for the proper and symmetrical growth of teeth and jaws.



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