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Baby teeth root canal treatment, is it safe?

Baby teeth root canal treatment, is it safe?

Baby teeth root canal treatment, is it safe?

At Namma Baby Dentist, we get a lot of questions regarding baby teeth root canel treatment and their health. Can they get cavities? Do they need to be flossed? Is brushing compulsory for baby teeth? What transpires if a baby’s tooth is lost? And many more.

In this blog post, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about root canal treatment for baby teeth. We’ll answer all of your questions so that you can make an informed decision about what’s best for your child’s teeth.

Good Oral Health is important to children’s and adolescents’ overall health and wellbeing.

Root canal treatment

One of the most common questions we get is regarding root canal treatment for baby teeth. Baby teeth actually have different anatomy than adult teeth, and they also go through a different process of development. For these reasons, the root canal treatment process is a bit different for baby teeth. The aim is to remove the infected tissue from the roots of baby teeth and fill it with medicament so that there is no more pain and swelling and also tooth can be saved.

Now the next doubt will be why save the milk tooth when it is anyway going to fall down. To understand this let us know what is the purpose of milk teeth. Children depend on these milk teeth for their nutrition and growth till 10 to 12 years…that’s when all milk teeth get replaced. Isn’t it a crucial period for their growth and development?

The most important role of the milk tooth is to guide the underlying permanent tooth into its correct alignment in the jaw. Once a milk tooth is lost prior to its normal exfoliation period, there is the migration of teeth next to it and loss of space for a permanent tooth to erupt. That’s where the alignment issues begin which will need full fledge orthodontic corrections in the future.

Early loss of front teeth in babies during their speech development stage can cause alteration in their speech such as lisping.  

Most important of all these, the best oral hygiene habits are to be learned early on in life. When their oral health is neglected at this period thinking it’s a temporary stage…you are instilling in the young minds the thought that oral health is ok to be neglected…and they carry it forward in their life. If you study you will know that adults who had more decayed teeth in their childhood also tend to have more decayed teeth in their adulthood requiring all the more invasive dental treatments.

The safety concern with pediatric root canals

In pediatric dentistry, parents frequently worry about the safety of root canals. Some of the young children who need the procedure can be frightened, as can their parents. Parents may be concerned about the sedatives used as well because of their potential long-term implications. It’s crucial to realize that root canals are extremely safe and are performed at Namma Baby Dentist as painlessly as possible with the help of local anesthesia (a numbing agent).

All the cases are managed on the dental chair with the right behavior management technique aged appropriately so that no sedatives are used. Only very few cases wherein children are in pre-cooperative stage or are Differently abled( special children) and are in need of full mouth treatments, then treatment under General Anaesthesia is suggested in a hospital set up by our dental team wherein all the required treatments are completed in one appointment.

Namma baby dentist will only suggest a root canal if it is really essential, wherein the tooth in question cannot be treated with a filling( decay would have crossed the stage of filling). Without the treatment, the tooth may get repeated infections, swelling, pain, and could totally fall out or need an extraction later. This early loss of teeth has the potential to be extremely detrimental to a child’s oral and general health.

Experienced Dentists

For operations like root canals that call for forceful approaches, pediatric dentists receive substantial instruction and training. They make an effort to use a gentle technique that guarantees the tooth’s security and the child’s general well-being. Pediatric dentists are specially trained for behavior management. As they are trained in child psychology, they have different approaches to different types of attitudes shown by children. Eliminating the fear of dental units and instruments used is the first step in behavior guidance.

Parents are given the required instructions as to how to prepare their child for a dental appointment. Separate counseling for parents and children are provided before starting treatment so that the pedodontic treatment triangle ( Pediatric dentist – Child- Parent) works in harmony for better treatment outcome.




Contact Namma baby dentist right now if you would like more information on pediatric root canals. Concerns or inquiries about the procedure’s safety can be addressed by the dentist. Additionally, preparation advice can be shared, which can assist to ease the anxiety of both parents and kids. For more information about the process or to make an appointment, get in touch with us right away.


Do you offer Root Canel Treatments?

Yes, we do offer root canal treatments.

Who offers the best dentists in Bangalore?

Namma Baby Dentist has the best-experienced dentists.

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